The Difficult Guest

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Training is most effective when conducted in an engaging way, and this video delivers. The sequel to best-seller The Guest, The Difficult Guest follows Ken Sperling through a rigorous series of events. Starting in the baggage line of a hotel lobby and moving through a variety of businesses, Ken faces difficult guests of all walks of life. Utilizing engaging comedy and somewhat outlandish, yet still pertinent, scenarios, The Difficult Guest drives home tips and tricks for recognizing, understanding, and taking care of even the most difficult-to-please customers.

This video focuses on three main types of “difficult guests”: distracted, disappointed, and disruptive. Each subsection addresses the unique issues pertaining to each “type,” including the distracted guest who requires personal attention and hand-holding and the disappointed guest who comes in with an uncooperative attitude yet seeks a resolution. Finally, meet the disruptive guest, an individual who requires that employees maintain their calm, and encourage his, before providing a solution. By addressing each of these specific scenarios, employees are equipped to build relationships with even the most difficult of customers, ultimately improving company image and profits.

Key Points

  • Listening to even the most difficult guest
  • Apologizing with sincerity
  • Solving problems
  • Thanking the guest
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