Telephone Service

In today’s market, ensuring that your company is delivering the absolute best in customer service is imperative to its success; between social media and the 24-hour news cycle, any misstep can potentially harm your company’s reputation. Telephone customer service is where most companies fall behind. Interacting over the phone, without the benefit of facial expressions and body language, hinders communication. For this reason, we offer an extensive line of telephone customer service training videos, perfectly crafted to teach even the most inexperienced employee how to ensure that the customer always hangs up happy.

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Quality telephone service starts by putting yourself in the customers’ shoes. Our videos detail how to do just this, starting with determining what would annoy you as the customer and then pinpointing these issues, eliminating them from your telephone service repertoire. We focus on starting the customer service experience from the minute the employee picks up the phone through the end of the call, including the initial greeting, tone of voice, word inflection, and the manner in which the call is ended. All of this, in addition to addressing the specific needs of the customer, is essential to ensuring that the phone call is not only satisfactory, but leaves the customer or client with a positive view of your company.


Due to its basic nature, customer service can be tricky. Every individual has different needs and expects different things before they contact a company and determining what those needs and expectations are as quickly as possible, all while remaining polite and understanding, are at the crux of handling customer phone calls. Our telephone service videos cover all of these areas and more, ensuring that your telephone operators shine a positive light on your company.

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