Substance Abuse

Substance abuse in the workplace affects employee morale, overall company profitability, and potentially creates an unsafe work environment. Studies have found that most heavy drinkers are employed, as are nearly 75% of adult drug users. Our substance abuse prevention videos help you set concrete rules for the behavior expected of your employees as well as cover the signs of an individual suffering from substance abuse.

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Because substance abuse is a serious health issue, its handling is complex. Yet employers who implement successful and well-thought-out drug free workplace programs certainly reap the benefits. Morale and productivity improve, accidents, turnover, theft, and absences decline, and employee health is significantly better. A thorough program may also qualify your company for incentives depending on your jurisdiction, ultimately paying the company back for tackling the issue head-on.


Substance abuse costs US businesses over $100 billion every year, with employees failing to complete their job as described, taking three times as many sick days as other employees, and being five times more likely than others to file a worker’s compensation claim. Effective substance abuse training allows you, your managers, and your employees to curb these issues and weed out problems, all while showing your employees that you take a hard stance on anything that could hinder their overall work environment, health, and safety.


As simple as it sounds, substance abuse training in the workplace decreases absences by up to 91%, decreases on-the-job injuries by up to 97%, and significantly reduces mistakes made on the job and confrontations between employees. Investing time into the issue now will dramatically improve profits and expansions over time, and our training videos make implementing substance abuse training and practices as simple as possible.

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