Social Media at Work

The integral role that computers and internet access play in the work place coupled with the onslaught of different social media sites created a perfect storm for workplace distractions and increases in liability. The majority of employees access a social media site several times a day, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or the like, not only cutting into the time that they’re being paid to work, but also increasing the risk that they’ll accidentally divulge sensitive information to anyone who follows their accounts. Our social media law videos address these issues, enabling you to put together an air-tight policy that works for you, your company, and your employees.

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Effective social media polices in the workplace are essential to improving productivity and keeping company information private. Current laws indicate that the employer can be held liable for an employee’s social media posts if the posts were made on the job from a company computer. This includes charges of defamation for false statements about a competitor, client, or even another coworker, as well as trade libel claims. Yet balance is key. Social media, in all of its unique and ever-changing forms, is a driving force behind increasing your customer base and maintaining a thriving, active network between employees and clients.


Our legal social media videos address these specific concerns and more, providing you with the information you need to create a comprehensive social media policy that protects your company from litigation and enables you to weed out employees who take advantage of your leniency regarding their use of company equipment and break times. From generating the policy to enforcing it, our selection of videos ensures that you have the tools you need to get a handle on social media usage.

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