The Right Words at the Right Time: Leisure & Hospitality Version

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13 minutes
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A wide variety of realistic hospitality scenes reinforce memorable best practices that will help train employees to take their customers and guests from feeling angry and annoyed to feeling satisfied and respected.

The hospitality situations include:

  • A disappointed guest returns her food.
  • An upset guest feels he has been overcharged for room amenities.
  • An angry caller questions online pricing and threatens to take his business elsewhere.
  • A leering customer gets too personal with a young waitress.
  • A clueless customer speaks on her cell phone throughout the check-in process.

Employees will learn how to use the RIGHT WORDS to:

  • Send the 3 Signals "I Care", "I Understand", "You Can Trust Me to Take Care of This"
  • Stay Polite and Professional
  • When the Customer is Rude
  • When the Customer is Clueless
  • When You Can't Say, "Yes"
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