Organizational Development

At the core of any great company are great employees. Employees are indeed a company's greatest resources. Without them, a good product, idea or service is meaningless. This is why it is important for companies to invest so heavily in their employees and why employee retention is critical. TrainingABC offers a line of employee retention training videos available in DVD, digital streaming and e-learning that can convey powerful yet simple tools and ideas for your employee retention training needs. Our DVDs include concepts such as regular performance appraisal, clear expectations, positive feedback and treating workers as people first.

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Organizational development takes management to an entirely new level, focusing on a company-wide effort to improve effectiveness and efficiency. By creating a detailed plan for the big picture, you eliminate the chaos and uncertainty often found in the world of business, ultimately fashioning a more stable, competent, and strategic workforce. While proponents of this methodology very often assert that organizational development is not a training method, our organizational development training videos explain the tenants of this philosophy in an easy-to-understand fashion, arming you and your team with the tools you need to incorporate this very effective practice into your company philosophy and plans. This business philosophy is built on a foundation of treating people as people, rather than as resources.


In our videos, you’ll see and hear about real-life examples of how treating employees as individuals enables them to flourish and thrive. This not only frees employees to take control over their career and participation in the company, but also allows the company itself to learn from and build upon its team. A group of driven, excited employees concocts amazing ideas and breeds unfathomable results, and this methodology ensures that your company not only meets its goals, but stays on the cutting edge of industry standards.


This carefully curated selection of training videos provide a blueprint for creating a company-wide plan that fits your current endeavors and ultimate goals, as well as encourages leadership personnel and employees to take an active role in meeting those goals. When business incorporates a human element into its practices, the results are truly amazing.

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