Managing Me

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Participants will enjoy and learn from the experiences of the video host. In various scenarios, the host is faced with problems that require a response. Will he react with his emotions or use rational thinking? This video will reveal the consequences of both reactions.

After watching this video, your managers will know how to properly respond in a crisis. Many tidbits of wisdom will be shared such as:

  • Resisting the urge to attack.
  • Using the experience as a teachable moment.
  • Mediating instead of choosing sides.
  • Solving the problem in lieu of finding fault.
  • Working on mending relationships instead of quickly severing ties.
  • Watching one’s temper and avoiding becoming argumentative.
  • Facing the situation head on.

All supervisors or team leaders will eventually have to handle conflict. How they react to these difficulties will determine a positive or negative outcome. Help your managers learn to manage themselves with this “Managing Me” training DVD. It is ideal for leadership training conferences or seminars, but is a great resource for managers who train other leaders. 

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