Leadership Feedback: What Employees Want to Tell You...But Don't

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Improve the skills of your leadership team with this new and innovative training course. Presented from the employee’s perspective, it will give your management team insight they’ve never been privy to before now. In this video, employees are allowed to provide feedback about their immediate supervisors and managers. Done anonymously, they are candid and forthright about their experiences, overall opinions and their bosses shortcomings. Watching this video will help your managers discern the characteristics of a good boss.

A great learning tool, dramatic acts are used to present two sides of common work scenarios. This includes the response or behavior of a good manager, as opposed to that of a poor-performing one. Also beneficial, this program identifies six crucial issues that make for an effective employer-employee relationship. Additional material covered in the course include:


  • How to inspire employee commitment.
  • Improving employee productivity.
  • Management behaviors that encourage and motivate.
  • Getting employees involved.
  • How to solicit honest feedback.
  • Great Minds on Leadership
  • Would I Work For Me?
  • Would I Follow Me?
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