Flight of The Buffalo

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Flight of the Buffalo - the all-time classic on empowerment


This timeless video based on the book of the same name focuses on soaring to excellence by learning to let employees lead. Practical, hands-on, and inspirational, this video shows how the manager's job is to inspire and empower employees to achieve high levels of employee performance and productivity.


Management consultants James A. Belasco & Ralph C. Stayer present their new paradigm for leaders in the 90's in Flight of the Buffalo, a practical, hands-on half-hour video based on their popular business book of the same name (from Warner). Says Jim Belasco: "Every month, they would bring me their problems and I would spend the rest of the month solving their problems...it turned out that they (employees) were world-class problem finders...not problem solvers. It was crazy."


The video shows how the Belasco and Stayer principles are applied at Owens & Minor, Furon Company and the U.S. Naval Supply Depot in San Diego to achieve extraordinary performance, quantum quality improvement, and high levels of employee performance and productivity.


Flight of the Buffalo Training Points:


  • Today's competitive environment requires a new leadership paradigm.
  • Learn how a variety of organizations have achieved outstanding results by letting their employees lead.
  • Understand the importance of focusing on great performance for customers.
  • Learn why every employee should be in "line of sight" contact with customers.
  • Learn that the manager's job is to inspire and empower employees.
  • Learn how top managers are setting the direction for their organizations.
  • See how managers are getting employees to own the responsibility for their actions and productivity.
  • See what kinds of extraordinary results managers get when employees solve their own problems


See why Flight of the Buffalo is one of the best selling leadership books and videos of all time.

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