E-Mail at Work

With email rapidly becoming the preferred means of communication, training employees on how to use email responsibly is of the utmost importance. Inappropriate use of email and text messaging in the workplace leads to legal issues for individual employees as well as the company itself, making training essential for every member of your team. Our videos on the legal use of email cover everything you and your team need to know, ensuring that you avoid common legal pitfalls when going about daily tasks.

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Email and texting enable business correspondence to occur in nearly an instant, streamlining projects and enabling business relationships to develop around the globe. Yet it’s common for employees to forget that mistakes in a business email have the capability of destroying a career and tarnishing the company’s reputation. To start, email is permanent, cementing the words chosen and providing an easy-to-access record of communications, potentially creating the foundation for legal proceedings. No amount of deleting truly destroys an email, which means that the words chosen and the message conveyed must always be carefully thought out. Yet in the rush to get things done and move on with or to the next project, it’s easy to become lackadaisical with the emails sent. Properly training your employees on defamation, harassment, relaying confidential information, preventing viruses, sticking to contracts, and understanding how copyright laws pertain to emails and texts is imperative to ensuring that the communications sent out from your company are legally sound and safe.

Our training videos provide a comprehensive overview of all of these issues, providing employees with tips and tricks for ensuring that communications made during business hours are in-line with the company’s values and rules.

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