Leading More with Less

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This is a trying time for many corporations. With financial challenges, some companies are facing higher than average turnover, or more common, employee burnout. Teach your leaders to build and motivate a productive and hardworking team. After adopting the points presented in the “Leading More with Less” video, your managers will become leaders who:

  • Are Truthful
  • Encourage Open Communication
  • Challenge Staff to Take Responsibility
  • Show Employee Appreciation
  • Lead by Example
  • Move Beyond Current Challenges

Many managers these days are also required to work with less - that is fewer supplies and less staff. How will your managers face these challenges while continuing to motivate and inspire their team? Through scenarios of right and wrong management practices, your leaders will learn basic principles of good management. Divided into six sections, this video presents the information in a well-organized and easy to understand format. These sections have the following subheadings:

1.      What Do You Have to Hide?
2.      Are You Well-Informed?
3.      Who Gets the Last Word?
4.      Déjà Vu All Over Again?
5.      Who Do You Appreciate?
6.      Who Is Watching You?

Along with the DVD, you will receive a leader’s guide, handouts for interactive learning as well as power point slides. This video is ideal for leadership trainings as well as team building conferences or seminars.

  • Great Minds on Leadership
  • Would I Work For Me?
  • Would I Follow Me?
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