Keeping the Good Ones

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Video Length
20 minutes
Closed Captioning
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To remain competitive in rapidly changing markets, it is vital that a company keep good employees on staff. This humorous yet insightful training video discusses ways in which managers and supervisors can accomplish just this.

Exceptional employees tend to look elsewhere for work when their current company fails to treat them as an individual, recognize their achievements, and provide competitive benefits. Yet even without a raise, good employees will remain loyal to a company and team if they feel that that company and team is loyal to them. Keeping the Good Ones discuss ways in which management can connect with these employees, enabling them to retain exceptional individuals without spending a dime.

Key Points

  • Connecting with employees on a personal, yet professional, level
  • Discussion of Take 10 Check-ins, a practical means of meeting employees’ needs
  • Tips and tricks for cost-effective employee recognition
  • Great Minds on Leadership
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