International Business

Today’s business environment requires that even small businesses work outside of their native country, coordinating with suppliers, clients, and other companies in order to prosper and succeed in a rapidly globalizing market. Yet even the most educated individual faces difficulty when managing cross-cultural communications. This not only slows down progress, but also makes developing substantial and workable business relationships infinitely more difficult. For this reason, we offer a wide array of international business training videos, providing you and your employees with the tools that they need to succeed when working with people around the world. 

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Every part of the world has its own unique culture and social structures, although the subtle differences can be hard to pinpoint without experience. In most cases, politeness goes a very long way, with the majority of professionals recognizing that any flub or misstep isn’t necessarily intentional or meant disrespectfully. Despite this, a focus on cultural communications helps to build a foundation of trust between companies and providers. Our videos focus on avoiding the pitfalls of ethnocentrism, or the idea that one’s culture is superior to another, breaking through language barriers, recognizing differences in environments and technology, and emphasizing with variances in social organization and history.


Far too many business deals and interactions come to a screeching halt due to avoidable missteps and unintentional disrespect. By understanding the ins-and-outs of international business and cultural exchanges, you ensure that your business dealings are respectful and focused on the merits of the interaction, rather than the interpersonal exchanges. Our cultural communications videos cover all of this and more, enabling your company and its employees to immerse themselves in today’s global market.

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