Customer Service in Government

Although the standard rules of customer service apply across industries and markets, those working in government agencies have several other things they need to keep in mind. Setting your employees up to properly dealing with customer care, providing customers with the service they need and acting on those needs accordingly, is essential. Our government customer service training videos address the unique issues facing government agencies, ensuring that your staff can helpfully and effectively deal with individuals.

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When working in a government agency, you deal with customers of all walks of life, and often from all over the country. Finding and implementing a neutral tactic that works for nearly anyone, as well as learning how to tweak those tactics to suite the unique individual that you’re servicing, is vital to successful customer service. Our videos help you and your staff develop a customer service plan that works for your specific agency, the guidelines that you’re required to follow, and the individuals that you service.


We start by helping you identify your specific target base or bases, creating a roadmap for success. From there, you’ll learn how to recognize the specific needs of your customers through the use of satisfaction surveys, focus groups, user testing, and other analytics. Based on this understanding, you will be able to create ground rules for dealing with customers and enable management to oversee and support those plans and rules, ensuring overall success. Our government service videos truly touch on every unique aspect of working for a government agency, making them the ultimate tool for successful customer service.

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