Generational Issues

Around the world, people are living and working longer than ever before. While this opens up ample opportunities for employers to find the best of the best for each position, it also creates a unique dynamic in the office. Currently, companies could have up to five generations in the workplace at once. When building a team, differences in personality and experience take finesse to navigate. Adding in generational differences complicates workplace environments and relationships further, even with the best of employees. 

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Our training videos address a wide variety of topics pertaining to generational issues. Several training videos focus on communication issues between employees of different generations, providing tips, tools, and tricks for showing respect for younger and older coworkers and encouraging an open line of communication. For managers, we offer training that addresses leading each individual generation, from engaging Millennials to managing the expectations of Baby Boomers. We also offer extensive training videos on coordinating a team made up of varying generations, as well as showcasing the unique benefits of employing people of all ages. For all of your employees, our videos discussing tips and tools for working together and bridging generational gaps are a goldmine of information and team building exercises.


Although a blending of generations in the workplace has created varying and unique issues for management and human resource personnel, the benefits of this blending are hard to ignore. From the perks of having distinctively different views on projects to the ability to combine the technologically savvy mindset of Millennials with the business expertise of baby boomers and Generation X, generational issues can work to your advantage when addressed with care and strategy.

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