The FMLA: Everything You Need to Know

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This production covers every aspect of the FMLA including updates on same-sex marriage.


The program covers:


  • What organizations are required to adhere to the FMLA?
  • What employees are eligible?
  • How much unpaid leave may employees take and for what reasons?
  • What employees are exempted as key employees.
  • Employer responsibilities
  • Medical Certification
  • Military Caregiver Leave
  • Employee reporting
  • Intermittent leave
  • What are qualifying military exigencies
  • How employee benefits are handled during FMLA leave.
  • Job reinstatement after leave
  • How the FMLA defines serious health conditions?
  • Light Duty
  • Fitness for Duty certifications
  • And much more
  • Think Twice The Sequel
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