Employee Assistance

When you hire an employee, you do so with the understanding that he or she is experienced, educated, and talented enough to meet and exceed the tasks and responsibilities laid out in the job description. Yet personal problems affect even the most qualified individual, hindering job performance and abilities. Rather than attempt to find and train another person, it is typically more cost effective to offer employee assistance services to existing personnel. In addition to allowing you to keep the best people on staff, these types of programs also improve employee morale, showing your staff that the company looks out for its own. 

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Our employee assistance videos cover a wide array of topics, empowering human resource personnel, managers, and employees to aid coworkers and team members who are dealing with difficult issues. This can include aid during major life events, such as new additions to the family or deaths, health care concerns, substance abuse, emotional distress, and more. Training in these areas allows your company to provide compassionate yet effective support for each member, strengthening your workforce and creating a foundation of loyalty and respect for your team.


In addition to offering training videos that equip managers and employees to handle delicate situations, we also offer a variety of choices that can help your employees, of any level, deal with day-to-day life in a manner that relieves stress and enables them to continue working to the best of their abilities. From dealing with workplace or personal pressure to interview tips, employing a new fitness routine to quitting smoking, these videos add an empathetic element to your training arsenal that is fundamental to building and managing a strong, productive workforce.

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