Emotional Intelligence

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Most of us have been conditioned to believe that workplace decisions should be based upon cold, logical reason and that emotions should be "left at home." However, today there is a growing body of science in the emerging field of Emotional Intelligence (EI), indicating that proper understanding and use of emotions can be critical to helping us be more effective workers and better communicators.

Emotional Intelligence shows how forward-looking organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, State Street Bank, and Nichols Aluminum are accessing the power of emotions to create better, more productive teams and team members.

Viewers will see how landmark research into emotions exposes their role in helping us be adaptive and responsive, while interviews with leading authorities outline how Emotional Intelligence can be enhanced through broad based training in these competencies:

  • Self Awareness: Learning to accurately read and express your feelings, as well as honoring others' perceptions of you and your emotional states.
  • Self Management: Accepting responsibility for your emotional responses and moderating your emotional 'triggers'.
  • Self Motivation: Employing visualization and goal setting to engage your highest and best emotional energies.
  • Empathy: Tuning in to the emotional cues of others, communicating authentically and using self disclosure as a tool toward honest interaction.
  • Social Skills: Utilizing visioning, brainstorming and ongoing coaching as a means of building rapport and team unity.

Viewers will step away with specific areas of improvement to focus on and a structured, step-by-step approach to developing the required emotional competencies to bring more creativity, energy and intuition to their work, whatever industry or field.

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