The Right Words at the Right Time: Customer Service Recovery for Government

This video-based training program is available in a variety of formats and delivery methods.
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Providing great customer service as a public employee can be challenging.  Citizens often enter your organization with anger and frustration and your staff is tasked with dealing with their problems while remaining calm in very tense situations.  Not an easy responsibility for anyone! 

The Right Words at the Right Time is a customer service training program designed to equip your employees with the tools they need to handle any difficult service situation with grace.  The video presents a straight forward strategy that makes use of a checklist of techniques.  They will learn how to listen to customers, show empathy, present reasonable options, use phrases that ask for consent, and make verbal and non-verbal cues correspond to words.

This service training program, produced expressly for Government employees who are in direct contact with citizens/customers, will increase the satisfaction of the public and make your employees service experts.

Scenarios covered in the program:

  • A citizen threatens to take legal action.
  • A citizen contends racial discrimination was the reason for an application denial.
  • A business owner is frustrated by the denial of a permit.
  • A citizen complains that he was next in line.
  • An illegal and inappropriate gift is offered.
  • A citizen won’t end a cell phone call.
  • A veteran get agitated after facing scheduling difficulties.

Having the right words available in a stressful moment can make a world of difference. In most cases, it isn’t just WHAT you say, but HOW you say it as well.

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