Although it’s certainly possible for an individual to have an inherent ability to negotiate in a variety of settings, the ability to negotiate in business effectively requires training and experience. An earned skillset, it necessitates a combination of interpersonal and communication skills. Our business negotiation training videos provide techniques to bring out and capitalize on the skills and experiences that your employees already have, turning them into negotiating experts.

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In business, disagreements are part and parcel of any industry, yet it is the companies that work through these disagreements that stand the test of time. Effective business negotiations start with a close, honest analysis of the disagreement itself, factoring in what each party wishes to accomplish at the end. An essential component of negotiation, understanding where the other party is coming from not only allows for more effective communication, but also provides you with the knowledge you need to see solutions outside of your own purview. This understanding provides the basis for preparing for meetings, which includes everything from determining ultimate goals to deciding, in advance, in which areas you’re willing to compromise. Our negotiation training videos cover all of this and more, including tips and techniques for active listening during negotiating, tools that empower employees to think on their feet and examine a situation closely yet quickly, and ideas for maintaining a professional, emotion-free demeanor at all times.

Businesses that can compromise and negotiate effectively go infinitely farther than those that remain stagnant, and our training videos help turn your employees and workforce into skilled envoys for your brand.

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