Bob Farrell

Bob Farrell got his start as a restaurateur founding the famous Farrell's Ice Parlors.  During his career running the 55 restaurant chain, he developed his now famous customer service and leadership skills that resulted in the runaway hit customer service video - Give em the Pickle. Early in Bob's career as a restaurant owner, he had a woman write him about how she was disappointed about the fact that she had been charged for extra pickles.  He didn't know that an employee had taken it upon themselves to charge for pickles, but he took it as a wake up call and made it his company's mantra - Give em the Pickle!

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In his customer service videos and in his leadership videos, Bob uses his wit and wisdom to entertain and enlighten.  The style is funny and engaging and will inspire everyone in an organization to better leadership and customer service.  Bob Followed up Give em the Pickle with The Leadership Pickles and What's Your Pickle?

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