Batteries Not Included: The Energized Approach

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Having trouble getting a new program or initiative off the ground? Not sure how to get employee buy in? Is your company going through changes and you find yourself facing resistance? Have a shelf full of good programs that you'd like to turn into great ones?

It is often hard to get employees to buy-in to change. Whether a new program, product or corporate policy, resistance is often met when change is initiated. 

Get your employees on board by applying the tips provided in this video entitled- Batteries Not Included: The Energized Approach for Achieving Great Programs. It will teach you techniques and methods to gain your staff’s support and to get them excited and energetic about your new program or project. 

Hosted by Michael Melnik, MS, OTR, this video is packed with valuable information. Melnik has traveled the country teaching and consulting on the topic of energizing employees. In this video he shares 10 energy sources to jumpstart a work environment change. This includes commitment, consistency, communication, accountability, inclusion, respect, recognition, flexibility, creativity and fun. Melnik further uses real-life stories and powerful illustrations to provide a humorous and entertaining learning experience. 

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