Effective financial training is imperative to your company’s success. No matter how many years of experience a professional has, where he or she attended school, or how much time he or she spends perusing the latest publications and literature, accounting training enables your employees to brush up on old skills, learn new techniques, and keep the most important information fresh in their minds.

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Our accounting videos cover a wide breadth of topics in an easy to understand, simple to utilize format. As a basic primer, the Budgeting: Constructing and Controlling Budgets is worthwhile to any member of your team. From a comprehensive explanation of what a budget is to how to put a workable plan together, this video is perfect for numerous departments in your company. For managers, the Cost, Profit, and Break-Even video provides effective techniques for balancing the relationship between cost, price, and volume; unlike most accounting videos, this will keep even the most easily distracted member of your team engaged.


We also offer several in-depth choices, including The Control of Working Capital. It focuses on teaching managers and those in leadership positions how to find funds to finance new projects by looking at what the company already has and minimizing waste. The real-life scenarios and thorough explanations make this product perfect for employees without any financial background, yet the tips and techniques are ideal for even the most experienced accounting professional on your staff. We round out our offerings with the incredible The Stanford Video Guide to Financial Statements: The Tale of Two Restaurants, which focuses closely on common-sense approaches to dealing with company finances, specifically financial statements.


Together, this collection of accounting videos provides comprehensive and engaging training for every member of your staff.

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