5 Ways for Managers to Show Appreciation to Their Employees

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Managers must ensure that employees feel appreciated at work.  Employees who feel appreciated work harder, are better team members, have higher morale, are less likely to leave the organization for another job.  Let's look at 5 ways managers can show appreciation to their team.

As managers, we must constantly be thinking about how to inspire and motivate our team. While we hope that our employees feel like cherished, appreciated members of our organization, there may be times where employees feel some resentment toward you or your organization. Such feelings of resentment are contagious and may cause a previously healthy corporate culture to become toxic.


For this reason alone, we must ensure that our employees feel appreciated. We cannot be passive about this. It is too important. Having said that, there are no shortcuts. We cannot fake our way to appreciation. Employees can easily detect fake appreciation, and it will ultimately do more harm than good.


With this background in mind, how do we get started? Here are five ways in which managers can best show appreciation for their employees.Management Appreciation


  1. Consider Monetary Rewards: This is the big one. Arguably, it’s also the most traditional one. One of the most common ways to show appreciation for your employees is to provide a raise or a bonus. Employees also expect it. From their perspective, they put in a large amount of time and effort to make your organization a success. A bonus or raise, in their mind, show that you appreciate the work and value that they provide to your organization.  While the circumstances obviously depend on your organization and its financial status, a bonus or raise will undoubtedly signal that you cherish the work that the employee completes for your organization.


  1. Be Complementary: As managers, we assume that our employees will complete their jobs to the best of their ability. We assume that the work will be done—that’s why we hired help. That said, compliments can go a long way in showing appreciation for employees. By singling out an employee for a job well done, you show that (1) you notice their good work and that (2) you treasure their contribution to your organization. Compliments can go a long way—they inspire the employee to keep doing great work and they create a further sense of camaraderie within the organization. Compliments are a great tool in your toolkit—use them where appropriate.

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  1. Respect Their Boundaries: Nobody likes a micromanager. Quite obviously, employees find it frustrating when they’re constantly interrupted by an overbearing manager. It makes it difficult for them to do their best work. Conversely, employees feel appreciated when managers keep their distance. Check-in only when it is necessary and be mindful of unnecessary emails. Your employees will thank you.


  1. If Possible, Embrace Freedom: Along with respecting employee boundaries, you can show your sense of appreciation for your employees by offering flexible work opportunities. Whether it’s allowing employees to occasionally work from home or allowing employees to take Summer Fridays, giving your employees some more freedom shows that you appreciate their contributions to your organization and that you trust them to fully complete their work. While the extent of employee freedom will obviously depend on your organization, even providing just slightly more freedom will go far in showing employees you appreciate them.

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  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Celebrate: Everyone likes a good party. One of the simplest ways that you can show appreciation for your employees is to take them out for dinner or drinks. Even better: make it a spontaneous outing after a milestone or significant achievement. By making the effort to plan a celebratory event where employees can relax and let loose, you signal that you appreciate the work that you do for the organization. If finances are an issue, you can always host a party in your office. The ultimate point is that you are breaking up the day-to-day routine and recognizing your employees for a job well done.


With our lives becoming busier and more hectic, it’s easy to forget that our employees work hard in order to make our organizations successful. We obviously expect them to do their jobs, but we can go out of our way to show that we appreciate our employees’ contributions. It doesn't take much, but showcasing our gratitude for our employees’ work leads to a closer, more cohesive team that produces great work. 

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