The Invisible Meeting

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Virtual meetings are becoming the norm for many businesses. They not only cut travel costs, but can also save on time. To make it worthwhile however, virtual meetings or conference calls must be planned and well-organized. With this video you will learn how to effectively conduct a virtual meeting. Additionally, you will learn strategies for handling typical problems and challenges that often arise with conference calls. Some skills you will learn include:

  • How to prepare for a net meeting.
  • Eliminating problems related to noise interruptions.
  • Introductions and other announcements in conference calls.
  • Participation in conference calls.
  • Effective communication in virtual meetings.
  • Building a virtual team.
  • Expectations for organizers and meeting facilitators.
  • Setting rules for call participants.

Poorly planned internet meetings can actually waste time and participants may quickly lose interest in what is being discussed. If planning to use this type of meeting in lieu of face-to-face interaction, this training is crucial to making it productive.

Along with the 18 minute DVD, you will receive a leader’s guide and handouts to aid in learning. This training is ideal for IT professionals, team leaders, managers and supervisors. 

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