Stanford Briefs

Stanford University is one of the leading private research universities in the country and one of the most prestigious in the world. Founded upon the idea that facilitating entrepreneurialism is the key to a quality education and in building self-sufficient industries, Stanford is well known in the business world as being one of the best producers of creative-thinking professionals. In fact, Stanford’s faculty and alumni have founded some of the most successful companies in the world thanks, in part, to the university’s teachings, with the combined profits exceeding $2.7 trillion every year.

Our Stanford business briefs bring some of this directly to you and your employees, providing you with access to the best training available in the industry. The university regularly hosts some of the most experienced teachers and speakers in the business world, and these videos capture the best of the best. Bill Gates, Jim Kouzes, Jeanne Jackson, and James Baron are just a few notable additions to our collection, filled with products covering a wide range of business-related topics. The dozens of videos available, from story-like lectures to detailed tips and tricks for leadership, customer service, and moving your company forward with the times, ensure that you find a product that works specifically for your company and staff, while the convenient video format dramatically reduces costs while still providing top-quality training and briefs.

In the business world, Stanford business briefs are widely heralded as the crème de la crème of training, and with our selection you can choose from the absolute best that this university has to offer.
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