Prisons & Corrections

Correctional facilities are home to perhaps one of the most unique work environments in the world. While organization, dealing with paperwork, and following processes are all integral parts of effectively managing a prison or jail, and play major roles in other industries, correctional facilities require a host of skills that even the most experienced former military or police officer have difficulty mastering, let alone those who are new to law enforcement in general. Our corrections training videos tackle these unique areas, providing easy to understand and implement techniques and skills that make running and working in a correctional facility safer and more efficient than ever before.

When working in a prison or jail, safety is of the utmost importance, specifically in regards to preventing attacks. Just as with most things in corrections, prevention is a multifaceted area, which is why we offer videos that break down different techniques in to easy-to-utilize tips and tricks, from maintaining the proper demeanor to utilizing specialized techniques to keep inmates from causing harm to themselves, other inmates, and correctional officers and staff. Learn to pinpoint deception and recognize the games that many inmates try to play, as well as other tools and tips to make managing inmates safer and more efficient. As with any industry, ethics is a complicated and charged topic in the world of corrections, yet our extensive library of ethics-based training videos help you and your staff to start a dialogue and implement new, reality-based tactics.

These correctional officer training videos cover all of these topics and more, providing you and your staff with an exceptional range of knowledge, ultimately leading to a safer, more streamlined working environment.
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