James Autry

Former Fortune 500 executive James Autry has made a name for himself in the world of leadership, taking on the role of author and speaker and focusing on a concept not commonly found in business training and tactics: compassion. Our James Autry videos succinctly showcase the methods and ideas that Autry is famous for, acting as a unique component to business training for managers and employees alike.

Autry is perhaps best known for his book Love and Profit, The Art of Caring Leadership, an award-winner and best-seller that created the foundation for his subsequent training videos and workshops. The Love and Profit video has won several awards in its own right, including an Excellence in Training Corporation in 1993 and a Telly Award for non-broadcasts videos in 1994. Autry utilized his experiences as senior vice president of The Meredith Corporation and his understandings as a religious man to create training that takes a close look at the benefits of incorporating integrity, honesty, courage, and trust into the often cutthroat realm of business. Throughout these videos and his others, Autry utilizes storytelling and passion to encourage employees and managers to focus on the individuals in business, rather than only the numbers, ultimately showcasing what it means to truly care about the people that you serve.

These James Autry videos create a solid foundation for a straight-forward yet unique approach to customer care and encourage a healthy, thriving work environment. His insights and leadership skills inspire listeners across generations, experiences, and industries, enabling companies to create a workforce that is supportive and insightful, encouraging growth and supplying individuals with the understanding they need to take customer care and working as a team to a new level.
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