Back Safety Made Simple: Commercial & Industrial Facilities

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Over 1 million workplace back injuries are reported every year. Only the common cold accounts for more lost work days. According to the CDC, more workers’ compensation claims are filed for the back than any other injury.  Back injuries cost employers 225 billion annually in claims, lost sick days and productivity.


This course covers:


  • Anatomy of the back
  • The reasons for back pain
  • Healing the back and preventing injury
  • Proper lifting and carrying techniques
  • How to use lifting equipment
  • How to allievate back pain
  • How proper ergonomics prevent back pain
  • Proper sleep positions to reduce back pain
  • How posture affects the back
  • How exercise and flexibility can reduce back pain and injury
  • Proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • HIPAA Privacy Compliance: It's the Law
  • Patient Rights and HIPAA Privacy Compliance Combo
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