ADA in a Nutshell — the "TAKEAWAY" for Managers™

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Every manager and supervisor in the country should know and understand the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA In a Nutshell – The Takeaway for Managers provides insight into what it is and why it is significant. Learn ADA requirements through concise information that’s presented in an easily understood format. We are provided quick vignettes that outline the presented material through dramatizations.

Viewers are provided 9 minutes of important information that cover four takeaways, or short sentence long summations. Understand the spirit of the ADA and learn how to remain compliant. Managers and supervisors who view ADA in a Nutshell will be better equipped to offer more opportunities for employment to qualified individuals regardless of any disability.

ADA in a Nutshell will:

  • Explain what a disability is
  • Outline reasonable accommodations that meet ADA requirements
  • Go beyond disability to identify qualified people
  • Discuss compliance and documentation guidelines for ADA
  • Great Minds on Respect, Tolerance and Diversity
  • Are We Really So Different You and I? a Diversity Meeting Opener
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