You Be the Judge II

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Updated best-seller that will teach you legal interviewing skills to avoid a discrimination lawsuit!

For Your Business Issues On Hiring, Legal Issues, Personnel Staffing, Recruiting, Retention, Selection Interviewing, Turnover

How-To Training Points:

  • How to ask legal interview questions
  • How to take objective, job-related notes that won't get you into legal trouble
  • How to avoid discrimination during the interviewing process
  • How to hire on the basis of job-related issues only
  • How to avoid questions of age, race, sex, religion and national origin
  • How to use a structured interview plan

Managers within your organization may well understand the importance of avoiding obvious discriminatory interview questions based on age, race, sex, religion and national origin. But, what if a manager asks a discriminatory question-- unintentionally?

The updated video training program You Be the Judge II provides managers with expert advice about why they must be aware of their legal limitations before conducting a job interview. This includes knowing which questions are legal and illegal, and following a structured interview plan that directly relates to the job requirements. In addition, by avoiding spontaneous comments or questions that aren't included in the interview plan, managers are less likely to let the interview steer off track to the job applicant's personal life. In short, managers will walk away from this video knowing the important rule of thumb: if the interview question does not relate to the job, don't ask it!

Video Synopsis:

This Law & Order-style video will add drama to your training session as viewers watch Virginia, a job applicant who suspects that she has been unlawfully discriminated against because of her gender. Her interviewer, Mr. Coleman, asks if she has children and therefore assumes that she wouldn't be fully committed to the job. Realizing that this question based on her personal life was unlawful, Virginia takes her case to court. During the lawsuit it is discovered that Mr. Coleman acted biased even while taking notes throughout the interview, jotting down that she was "attractive" and "wouldn't fit in here." Mr. Coleman's lack of knowledge on how to conduct a legally defensible interview resulted in a costly expense for his company.

Viewers will learn how interviewing questions concerning age, race and religion can be legally rephrased to ask specific questions about job related issues.

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