Yes Lives in the Land of No

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Learn to defeat negativity. Whether your own pessimism or the negative attitude of others, negativity can adversely affect your day and ultimately your overall success.

Negativity can spread like a virus, especially in office environments. People tend to adopt the mood of others and before you know it, everyone is criticizing or exchanging insults. Negative behavior can also quickly become a practice if one is not careful. Feelings of discouragement and despair can become the norm when one does not learn to reverse the behavior.

In this video you will learn to break the cycle of the inevitable negative attitude. Share this DVD with your leaders or team members to help them resist negativity and find happiness in spite of it. This video will help them to:

  • Understand where negativity comes from.
  • Work together effectively as a team.
  • Maneuver safely and positively in the land of “no”.
  • Overcome rejection and resistance.

Short, entertaining and educational, this video will make a great opener for a business or leadership conference. Along with the DVD, you will receive a leader’s guide, handouts and a fun survivor game to enhance learning. 

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