Workplace Violence: The Early Warning Signs 2-DVD Series

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Do your employees know what to do in the case of workplace violence? This is a topic that many companies don’t want to discuss, but unfortunately it is necessary in today’s work environment. 

This 2-part video will encourage a frank and mature discussion on this sensitive topic. Hosted by Stephen White, a leading expert in workplace violence, this video will offer a clearer view of the subject while also shedding light on how to keep the workplace safe. White has traveled the world consulting and providing education for Fortune 500 companies as well as governmental entities. The information he provides will help your staff recognize potential dangers and warning signs that are often precursors to violence. 

One version is tailored to the needs of employees, while the other is more management oriented. In the manager’s version, information is provided on confronting office bullies as well as termination procedures to minimize negative behavior or retaliation.

Both videos include supplemental materials such as study guides and questions to stimulate discussion. Additionally, these videos are available in both English and Spanish. 

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