Winning Through Change with Dr. Gary Bradt

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98 minutes
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Join Dr. Gary Bradt as he shows us how being steady and resilient during times of strife and change will lead us to better outcomes in your professional and personal lives.  Change is part of our lives whether we like it or not.  The world is changing at a pace that accelerates every year and only those who find ways to capitalize on that change will be successful.  This motivational new program will help you find passion in your life, develop a legacy to be proud of, unload the things that weight you down, find new opportunities for success and get support from co-workers and other business associates.

  • How feel at ease even in difficult situations
  • How to forget the past and move on to your future
  • Lower your stress level and communicate effectively
  • Overcoming and excelling during uncertainty
  • Be at your best when things are at their worst
  • Make your legacy golden by living your life the right way
  • And more
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