Wide-Eyed with Jane Elliott

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The content of this DVD offers viewers an in-depth insight into the various discriminatory practices of racism, ageism, sexism, ethnocentricity, bigotry and homophobia that continue to plague our society. Watching the clips and discussing them can be an eye-opener in many ways, helping us understand why humans react the way they do when mistreated – solely on the basis of the physical characteristics they are born with. 

The value of this authentic work has its basis in the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968, which elicited a unique response from Jane Elliot, a third grade teacher. She took it upon herself to make her students understand why Black people were demanding the same civil rights as whites, walking the streets of Riceville, Iowa - an all-white and Christian community. 

She initiated an exercise in discrimination, which involved segregating the class into two groups based on the eye color and bestowing privileges on one group and restrictions on the other. She continued using this exercise to inculcate awareness in people of all age groups. 

Her by-now famous exercise has earned Mrs. Elliot immense fame and was a part of many films. The high level of interest from diversity trainers in the United States and abroad, led to the compilation of the best moments of all her films into a DVD.

This DVD is a study guide that concentrates on ten examples of the common remarks made in Diversity Training Classes. The clips pertain to the remarks from various films and also come with discussion questions that help refute the stereotypical remarks made. This material is meant to help diversity training students in college, junior and senior high schools, corporations, civic organizations and military groups.

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