Who Sold You This Then?

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20 minutes
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This updated version features John Cleese as the narrator and includes the hilarious acting of Hugh Laurie as Charlie Jenkins. Charlie is defined as the “unsalesperson” of the century. He’s actually a service engineer, but doesn’t do his organization any favors in terms of selling. Charlie does his best to turn any situation into a drama. He always criticizes the product he services, the company and the customers when he actually should be providing support to each. 

This program will show technical and installation staff how to avoid common errors while on the job. They will discover how to be helpful troubleshooters instead of unsavory troublemakers. By taking the job in a positive direction, staff also develop better relationships with managers and the sales team.

Who Sold You This Then? explains how and why technical and installation staff should support:

  • The salespeople
  • The product or products
  • The customer
  • Their company or organization

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