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The Government Version of one of the best-selling customer service videos on the market.

"Customer service just isn't what it used to be." That statement can't be supported with statistics but not many people would argue it. The GOOD news is that organizations offering EXCELLENT customer service now have a greater competitive advantage than ever before!

"Who Cares?" can play a critical role in giving your organization just such an advantage! We've identified and illustrated the four simple but critical cornerstones of excellent customer service:

  • Greet the customer
  • Respect the customer
  • Listen to the customer
  • Really help the customer!

Who Cares? We do! And so do you!

Video Synopsis: An engaging host provides narration between a wide variety of realistic and thought-provoking customer service scenes. The viewer is reminded to put themselves in the customer's shoes as "wrong way" and "right way" service examples are provided. Retail, hospitality, food service, banking and government settings along with man-on-the-street commentaries provide an informative and fast-paced training experience.

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