Who Are They, Anyway?

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Produced November 2006

Here's the scenario in many organizations: Employees blame management for their problems; managers are frustrated and blame employees for not taking initiative; and departments blame each other. "They never listen;" "they spend all the money while we make it;" "they never tell us what's going on;" "they think they can get away with that?" Grumbling and complaining provide the soundtrack for the daily drama that gets enacted in businesses large and small. And everyone thinks it's some else's job to do something!

Things fall between the cracks; orders don't get processed; deliveries are late; paperwork slows to a crawl; quality suffers; complaints increase but never get addressed; the buck gets passed endlessly from department to department; and the ultimate losers are the organization's customers.

Do any of those things ever happen in your organization? Hopefully it is not too late to find out─just who are "they" anyway? For when we find the answer to that question, we'll find the answer to our problems.

This entertaining and enlightening video, "Who Are 'They' Anyway?" and the accompanying Facilitator's Guide are designed to help you and your organization make the shift from looking for "them" to blame to realizing that there IS no "them" and beginning to accept personal accountability. The training designs, participant handouts, group's discussion questions, and individual exercises are all aimed at providing a powerful catalyst to help everyone in the organization understand that personal responsibility is a choice.

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