Where There's a Will

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Where There’s a Will gives managers the leadership skills they need to work effectively alone and with a team.

This program emphasizes the importance of being a leader – not a dictator! Managers must be prepared to make their team feel confident and valued both as an individual and part of the larger group.

In Where There’s a Will, we meet general manager Mr. Jobson (played by Patrick Barlow) who is very efficient but possesses no leadership skills. His computer suddenly comes to live (with the voice of Emma Thompson) and begins to impart the wisdom he needs to improve. He learns the three steps needed to inspire motivation and confidence in those he leads. Each time he makes a misstep, his computer provides the necessary advice. 

We learn that being in charge of a group doesn’t mean you must have all the answers all the time. It means you get the entire team involved and utilize their skills to their fullest potential.  This program will:

  • Provide content that is suitable for managers of all levels
  • Present valuable methods in a memorable way

Please note: Due to contractual obligations, we cannot ship Where There’s a Will to addresses outside of the USA.

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