What Do You See? - Compassionate Care and Treatment in Healthcare

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Designed specifically for caregivers, this dramatic, seven-minute film illustrates the value of compassion when treating the elderly or infirm and stresses the need of emotional care along with medical care. Impress upon your staff the importance of interacting with patients, treating them as individuals and caring for them with compassion. An inspiring and evocative program, this film by Amanda Waring should be viewed by every healthcare organization that works with elderly or infirm patients.

The film, starring actress Virginia McKenna, follows a day in the life of elderly stroke victim and her silent pleas to be noticed and regarded as a person who lived a full life of her own.

After seeing the lack of dignified care given to her mother, Dame Dorothy Tutin, during her leukemia treatments, English actress, director and producer Amanda Waring vowed create a film that would impress upon everyone the need for compassionate care for the elderly. “What Do You See?” has featured in dignity trainings all over the world. Amanda herself is passionate advocate for improving elder care, and speaks frequently at workshops as well as sitting on a number of advisory boards. 

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