What Do You Say?

This video-based training program is available in a variety of formats and delivery methods.
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When it comes to customer service challenges.. the first few seconds and your first few words determine your success or failure

This fast-paced, fun and entertaining video literally answers the question "What do you say?" when faced with those awkward and difficult customer service moments. Instead of more customer service theory to talk about, this program challenges employees with more than 30 realistic customer service situations, then provides practical answers that are immediately applicable on the job.

The "What do you say?" card game delivers up another large dose of fun and learning. Grounded in the real world, employees have to think quickly as they win cheers, service bucks and points. Blank cards are easily customized to fit any company.

A comprehensive Meeting-in-a-Box, this program includes everything a front line manager needs to conduct an effective training meeting with their team.

Learn the key words and phrases needed to handle tough customer moments withease and confidence.

When your guest is disappointed.


  • Offer your apology "I'm sorry ..."
  • Offer your solution "for you ..."
  • Ask their permission to help.


When your guest won't let you help.


  • Take it as a challenge.
  • Ask for the chance to prove yourself.


When it's not about business.


  • Stay pleasant and professional.
  • Make a short statement, then back to business
  • If they persist? (Smile) "I consider that personal."


When you can't say yes.


  • Never say "no" Always try. "Let me see what I can do."
  • Always give them options.


When your guest feels wronged.


  • Let them talk without interruption.
  • Use all of the above.
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