What Do They Want? How do They Want it? - Using the Diamond Touch to Improve Your Sales and Service Strategy with Dr. Nate Booth

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Whether in personal relationships or in sales everyone has a specific way they would like to be treated.  Yet, most salespeople use the same techniques with every client and hope that this boilerplate way of selling sticks with a few clients.  This is not an efficient way to do business or develop relationships.  Join Dr. Nate Booth as he takes us through how to find out exactly what customers want and how they want it.  Additionally, he applies his principles to personal relationships and shows us how valuable this approach can be in developing deeper friendships.

Dr. Nate Booth is a veteran of the speaking circuit who has worked with world-class companies like American Express.  Let the value of his ideas work with your organization in this informative and inspirational video.

  • Find what your customers individually want and delivering it.
  • Giving your customers the little surprises can make all the difference.
  • How to develop relationships by giving.
  • Be the honest, ethical and exceptional person that people want to do business with.
  • How to close more and make more money.
  • And more.
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