What a Manager Should Say

This video-based training program is available in a variety of formats and delivery methods.
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Move your team from “I’ to “We” by changing your conversation. In this video, managers will learn how to converse with employees in a way that unites and does not divide. Train your managerial team to carefully choose their words to build a cohesive and working team that is committed to one common goal.

Learn to foster a “We” work environment with this short training DVD. It will emphasize the importance of carefully choosing one’s words in conversation; and how a leader’s words can strongly impact work environments and attitudes. Available with or without narration, this video is structured to allow for frequent stops to encourage discussions about communication and choosing your words.

This video is ideal for managerial trainings, team building sessions and leadership conferences. It can be helpful in for-profits, government, non-profit and educational environments. 

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