Training on violence in the workplace is beneficial in any industry, yet when it comes to healthcare, that training is essential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare and social workers were the victims of well over 11,000 assaults in 2010 alone. A recognized hazard in the healthcare industry, workplace violence affects employees, patients, clients, customers, and visitors, and can range from verbal threats to physical assault. Our healthcare violence prevention videos tackle these difficult topics, providing your employees with the training they need to keep themselves and their patients safe.

The majority of violent situations, from verbal to physical, can be prevented with appropriate precautions. Our vast array of training videos base techniques on real-life scenarios that your employees are likely to face during their time on the job. We cover dealing with combative patients, recognizing and stopping elder abuse, and videos dedicated to teaching healthcare employees various safety tips and precautions that they can take to keep themselves and those in their care safe on a day-to-day basis. For managers, we offer several videos that teach supervisors how to identify methods they can use to keep their workplaces free of violence, and outline the steps you need to take to implement safety protocols and administrative actions that create a foundation for a safe workplace.

In addition to these videos, we also offer several training products that empower employees to pinpoint potential issues in their patients, from domestic abuse to child neglect. Our collection truly covers every area affected by workplace violence, and acts as an essential component to your training program. 

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