Using Evangelism to Sell Stanford Executive Brief with Guy Kawasaki

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  • Evangelism as the purest form of sales.
  • Selling dreams--not things.
  • Selecting strategic enemies.
  • Through the use of anecdotes and humor, Guy Kawasaki explains the power of "evangelism" in sales and marketing. Instead of just selling, evangelism means you're converting people--to your product, company, or idea. It means using fervor, zeal, guts and cunning to mobilize people to believe as you do and to work together to make major changes. Drawing examples from his experiences in the computer industry, he focuses on the steps and skills necessary "to do the right things and do things right."

    Guy Kawasaki is managing director of Garage Technology Ventures as well as a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine. Kawasaki was a key individual responsible for the success of the Apple Macintosh computer and was named an Apple Fellow in 1995. Kawasaki has authored eight books, including "The Macintosh Way," "How to Drive Your Competition Crazy," "Selling the Dream," and "Rules for Revolutionaries."

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