Undeliverable: E-mail Etiquette for Today's Workplace

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Just about every organization in existence today utilizes email in some form. In many cases, email is the primary way to communicate with customers and fellow employees. Good email etiquette is essential to maintaining good communication and customer satisfaction. Without proper knowledge and skills, customer service representatives could be making serious email-related mistakes that end up costing your business!

Undeliverable is a video training course that focuses on proper email conduct in the modern workplace.  This presentation will cover best practices along with tips for avoiding common errors that can turn into a customer service disaster. A wide range of topics is covered, including all parts of the email, proper formatting, proofreading, professional closings, grammer, punctuation, addressing recipients, censoring the sender, sending attachments and much more.

When your employees can master the art of sending email to customers, they will be better equipped to raise customer satisfaction levels. This is vital as more and more people prefer email correspondence over traditional telephone and snail mail.

If your company doesn't have an email training program, now is the time to get one.  When employees understand the basics and have a list of guidelines to follow, there will be less risk of a negative customer interaction.  Our DVD training course will:

  • Cover the basic email guidelines that everyone should know
  • Provide methods that will prevent emailing errors
  • Reinforce information with 4 interactive quizzes
  • Offer a certificate of completion that can be printed and hung or stored in employee records
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