Thriving on Change: How to Create Positive Results in Turbulent Times with Dr. Nate Booth

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Video Length
60 minutes
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Change is the new normal.  The rapid, break-neck speed of change in the modern world leaves many people feel lost and scared, however those that embrace change will find opportunity and success.  In this program hosted by Dr. Nate Booth, you will learn how to deal with change and how to react quickly to trends.  Dr. Booth offers a proven change strategy that will only allow you to take advantage of change, but will teach you how to maintain the energy level needed to successfully maintain the strategy.  

Main Training Points:

  • 6 crucial beliefs that allow you to thrive on change.
  • The 3 stages of change.
  • How to anticipate change.
  • How physiology and your ability to focus are critical.
  • How to take the steps on the road to change.
  • And more.
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