The Wisdom of Caring Leaders

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13 minutes
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Produced January 2009

This motivational corporate training leadership DVD/video features Donald Van de Mark, former anchorman and journalist at CNN,CNBC and public television who interviews, profiles and then provides his insights on the successful traits of CEOs and company founders: Jack Welch (GE), Sir Richard Branson (Virgin), Anita Roddick (Body Shop), Stephen Covey (7habits), Pierre Omidyar (eBay).

The program has a broad base appeal; from group leaders to managers to executives in the organization. Simple to understand yet important messages are explored and taught by these great leaders and Donald: from the importance of choice, listening to diverse points of view, taking risks, team and motivation to leading with passion and courage.

Key Concepts

  • Choosing Behavior to Succeed
  • Encouraging Courage and Compassion
  • Benefiting from Different Perspectives
  • Unleashing Passion to Make Change
  • Encouraging New Ideas
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