The Willie Factor: How to Be Extraordinary in Sales and Service with Joel Weldon

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Video Length
95 minutes
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Joel Weldon hosts this motivational video based on his real life meeting with a taxi driver named Willie, an extraordinary man who showed Joel exactly what it means to serve customers. You will learn how having a passion for your job and taking pride in how you do it is the greatest way to feel personal success. Joel is a master storyteller whose engaging style with rivet your audience to the screen and have a profound impact on their motivation.

Learning Points:

  • How to pay attention to the important details.
  • How “You” language will help close sales.
  • Be honest and straightforward and deliver what you promise.
  • How being an expert on your product or service and your clients gives you an advantage.
  • How having gratitude can be an important part of sales.
  • And more.
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  • The Joel Weldon 2-DVD Combo
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