The Unorganized Salesperson Series

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The Unorganized Salesperson Series presents valuable information for anyone in sales. 

This program begins with Valuing Your Customers. We see a Flash Harry salesman as he steals every opportunity to impart his knowledge and expertise. He tries to push action, by setting up call after call to it. He attempts to satisfy the whim of his customer, but ends up descending into chaos as he beings missing appointments.

The second part, Valuing Yourself, takes us back to Flash Harry as he discovers that valuing his time (and himself) will allow him to, in turn, be valued by the customers he interacts with.  They begin to see him as someone with specialized knowledge who can provide sound advice. He also finds that he must learn to effectively manage his meetings and agendas if he is to be successful. In the end, he learns that being trustworthy is far more important than scoring a one-off sale.

The Unorganized Salesperson Series will:

  • Present valuable information through realistic and amusing scenarios
  • Show how a salesperson can manage their call schedule and territory
  • Provide excellent instruction for salespeople of all experience levels

Please note: Due to contract restrictions, The Unorganized Salesperson Series can only be shipped to addresses in the USA.

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